Monday, November 2, 2009

It's a Spaceship!'s a cloud.

This is my second blog. Dedicated to the art of Science Fiction and Fantasy writing and the science of Meteorology, which I love.

The purpose of this blog is to contain all my thoughts and writing, scientific and otherwise, that might ultimately bore the crap out of my non-geek friends. Warning: I will talk about the weather. A lot. Hence the name. Lenticular clouds form in mountainous regions and they have often been mistaken for UFO's. Yeah, they are that freaking cool.

Also, some of this material will not always be kid-friendly and I have my friends with kids checking out my religious writings on my other blog. I'm a Christian, but I'm far from perfect. I don't force my beliefs on anyone, but at the same time, I give the devil a huge and hearty shout out of "F*** you!" Be aware that you may encounter some bad language and sexual situations in the writings that I post on this site. I won't always asterisk them out.

Keeping this amalgamated life organized is a neat trick that I am only beginning to learn. I'm not always successful, but damn it sure is interesting.

If you want to check out my religious writings, the blog name is "Adventures in Amalgamation."

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