Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Wine Cooler Ad: A Play

This is actually a hundred word drabble story and one that I will NEVER submit to Drabblecast. It is the very first drabble I ever wrote and was nothing more than an exercise in telling a hundred word fart joke.

Announcer: Buy “Fartles and Blames!” The wine cooler with the interesting smell everyone’s talking about.

Bottle Number 1: “Oh, man! You stink! That’s one serious bomb you just dropped. Do you need a doctor?”

Bottle Number 2: “That’s not me, man! This guy beside me must have done it! Whew! It smells like a bad bag of boiled peanuts in here!" (Turns to Bottle Number 3 and says): "Couldn’t you have waited until you were alone, dude? I mean, seriously!”

Bottle Number 3: “He who smelt it dealt it! I didn’t do any thing."

Bottle Number 4 remains strangely silent.

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