Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blogging, Writing, Homework and other Happenings

I'm here at the library blogging and thinking about doing some homework. It's been a crazy week. I have a dear friend who is in need of prayers...well-wishes, whatever you can give. He has hit that place commonly known as 'Rock Bottom.' For those of us who have been there, we know that pain all too well. If you haven't been there, consider yourself blessed.

I signed up for three classes at college for the Summer Term, but I can't enroll in them yet. Plus, I looked at something on my account called a 'Hold' and apparently I have to go see the business office on the 14th when they reopen from Spring Break about the $10 I need to give them for them re-ordering me a SPC One Card. So, that may be what is holding up getting my loan. Or not. I do know they sent me an email on 3/4 stating that they have issued the disbursement for my student loan.

Anyway, I have three new classes in my shopping cart for when open enrollment begins. I'm getting one of those blasted remedial Algebra classes done, and I'm taking an Art History class (something I will enjoy) and General Psychology (another subject I am interested in).

As for writing, I am working on several new stories. I started one for the 'Soft Whispers' new anthology "Un-luck of the Irish." but it is becoming too long to be considered flash fiction. So, I've gone back to the drawing board and I'm trying to hammer out a short piece about a disgruntled and very unlucky half-leprechaun named Larry. This story I've tentatively titled "Little Green Hybrid."

I sent 'Soft Whispers' a new poem yesterday called "Fractals in Love." It's a musing of mine on the beauty of fractal mathematics. Something I totally don't understand but love anyway. I also sent them a poem for their "Seventeen Syllables" poetry anthology which is for haikus. I sent them a seven stanza poem called "Seven Petals." Each stanza of the poem is a haiku. I'm pushing the envelope on that one, because haikus are generally just one stanza, seventeen syllable poems and my poem consists of seven haikus. Jim's a pretty neat guy about those kind of things, though. I told him if it was breaking the rules, he could reject it.

I'm also still looking for part-time evening employment. 30-32 hours a week. I put in OPS employment applications and updated my regular app with St. Petersburg College. We'll see what happens.

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