Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Crystal Chamber

The second survey crew landed near the object embedded in the southern hemisphere of a dead world. They’d lost contact with the first team months ago.

The artifact resembled an enormous crystalline worm buried in the earth. A nearby cave led them down into a chamber filled with alien devices. Numerous bones lay scattered all around.

What they thought was the artifact blocked the passageway on the opposite side.

A portal was set into the construct, lined with spikes that sparkled like icicles.

They understood too late as the chamber began broadcasting black noise.

The worm was ready to feed.

(This drabble was submitted both to Drabblecast's drabble forum and to Sam's Dot Publishing "Drabbler #16" Contest, the theme of which is "Alien Architecture." Drabblecaster's are submitting some mighty good 100 word stories for this thus far. I hope some of us at least get in the magazine and earn a crisp new George Washington for all our hard drabbling.)


  1. Have heard through the DC forums that this contest frowns on submissions if we have posted them already to the DC forum and on our blogs. I will email them to let them know they may want to consider removing my submission.

  2. I heard back from the people over at Sams and they did have to pull it,which is okay. I will make a stab at sending them another drabble or maybe a story in the future, if I ever get inspired to do any more drabbles. I've been devoid of workable 100 word ideas lately, and very busy writing short stories and trying to plan my novels.