Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogging on the Road

I got my new Macbook finally and I have to say I am really digging the whole blogging from anywhere stuff. I really have to blog from the road as my internet connection is down at home and I'm just about ready to have the whole thing disconnected (land-line and internet) and switch to Broadband cable whenever I can afford it. Cheaper and more reliable than telephone lines.

Blogging from the library at present as it is cheaper than coffee shops, but I think a trip to Sonoma's may be in the crystal ball.

I finally got the updates I needed for my iWork '08 to work on the Macbook. There was a minor bug because iWork '08 was released when OS 10.4 "Tiger" was out (which is the operating system that my old G4 tower is still running) and my new Macbook came with the latest OS (10.6 Snow Leopard) installed.

The updates fixed the bug.

So, now I can go home and get a poem or two ready to submit to Soft Whispers, perhaps do a story for their "Un-luck of the Irish" anthology and load my old iWork '08 docs onto the Macbook; in particular a poem or two I would like to publish to "Risky Fiction" regarding traveling back in time and making love with the English poet, John Keats. Rawwr!

Not sure I will have a #fridayflash story available or not. Been trying to work on a new Bev & Co. for the "Roswell Diaries." We'll see how it goes.

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