Friday, February 12, 2010

First #FridayFlash Story Getting Good Reviews

My first #FridayFlash piece is up and running at Risky Fiction. It's called Bad Day at Bull Funk's.

It's the piece I wrote based on a funny picture I found on the Web.

I will warn you. This story has bad language and sexual innuendo. And the end is rather "squicky." If you've got no problems with all of that, then by all means: read on, Friend! 

And please feel free to add your comments to the ones from my #FridayFlash conspirators.


  1. Hi Maria, what are you going back to school for? I also went back after quite a few years and now I'm in my final semester. All going well, that is! ;-)

    Congrats for going back, good luck, and enjoy every moment of the journey.


  2. Hi Lou;

    I am going to St. Petersburg College for a transfer A.A. and then I'm going to transfer to the University of South Florida (maybe) for a B.A. in English. Something I've always wanted. I know everyone is going to school for an MBA these days and that's precisely why I'm not. Thought I'd be a little different. Got lots of respect for the MBA crowd, they will be of great help when we pull out of this depression, but I wanted something with a wider range of opportunities. Thanks for commenting and visiting my "other crazy blog." Have a great week!