Monday, February 22, 2010

The Tempest

This is my latest poem that was published on 'Soft Whispers' blog site.

there has never been pain
like the clash of kindred spirits
from a tempest so intense - a marriage
of like minds connected between a thin thread
of similar design, or
a familiar pattern to be read,
so comfortable and so blind


drawn suddenly taut and strained,
trembling entropy, where passes blame -
it snaps like thunder crashing;
lightning reflects, eyes flashing
and rages stabbing from each barbed tongue:
our cages ripped wide open, but
all of our traps have sprung


this is what the tempest left behind:
there has never been pain
like yours and mine


  1. How powerfully you have caught the dynamics of love that carries to the heights but then dashes to pieces. Your metaphors create flash scenes and I feel the awful desolation of endings and the way they happen...the love replaced by elements of hatred.

  2. Thanks, David!

    So glad you liked it. You can visit my other sites for more literary gems if you like: and my website is

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to pay a visit to your site soon and check out all the goodies there!