Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Picnic Table Blogging with Squirrels

I'm sitting right this second under a shady oak tree at a metal picnic bench on the campus of St. Petersburg College in Clearwater. It's a beautiful spring day, temperature in the lower 70's (I'm guessing) with a slight breeze that's gently threatening to waft my study papers across the lawn. So, I've put them away. At least until I'm done blogging. Squirrels watch me from the trees and from the grass.

This is my second week in college with more than 2 classes at a time and I have to say, it is very, very hard. I'm not to the point of having migraines yet, like I did when I was studying web design on line, but I've been very close to having one. Took some Advil and it went away.

I know that my efforts and struggles will pay off in the end, however, so I'm going to keep grinding away at it. That's the only way to do things, really. I have to remember that diamonds are beautiful gems, but they start out as lumps of ugly, unimpressive coal.

For now, I'm content just hanging out with the squirrels. I'm a little nutty, too.

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