Monday, March 8, 2010

Threadbare Heart

Published on "Soft Whispers" today:

My heart is hanging by a thread 
and you stand there holding the other end 
and smile your saddest smile
we know it’s no use
no amount of pretending can bring something back
that’s lost beyond recovery 
You pull away and the thread goes with you
my heart goes with you, tethered like a balloon
leaving me standing here
empty without a heart of my own
it was always yours
it is always yours
I don’t need it right now
so just take care of it and
bring it back to me soon
it won’t change anything at all
if I have it back
it will still be yours 
Though you won’t be here
you never were here, really
you were just a feverish dream
that I had one summer 
some events to fill in
on the calendar
A name on my to-do list
something to fill up my heart
like promises and sighs
please...let me have it back now
just drop the end of the string
and walk away...

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