Saturday, March 27, 2010

Word Association, 3 a.m.

New poem published Thursday on 'Soft Whispers.'

I think of you
here in the inky blackness
separating dusk from 
dawn and I listen
to music - REM, 
and wonder: am I
losing mine, too?
faith - makes me 
feel faint when I start
to question it,
so I just ignore
the issue and
place it, wrap it
contextually, conceptually
within the confusion
and obscurity 
of other words:
clamor - am I 
making one
for nothing
here in the silent 
breathings of
my soul?
sleep - when is
the last time
since you left 
that I knew 
that blessedness?
or love - which is
something like faith
but is even more 

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