Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Mages of Morrow: The basic plot of my NaNoWriMo novel...

Sixteen-year-old Mercy Danville, like Alice, has fallen down a hole. Sucked into the singularity of a rare Earth black hole, she is plunged into world of Burr. Burr is riddled with planetary black holes that can take you to other alternate Worlds or to other locations in Burr.

A cold war is about to turn hot on Burr. Mages (scientist magicians) have biologically created many creatures, some are hold overs from old wars among themselves: sentient dragons and prehistory beasts they used as weapons. Now they are at odds with the Sages (scholar magicians—they call themselves 'true' magicians) who are in charge of the political side of things on Burr. They mistrust the Mages and their science, which incidentally caused all of the black holes, in a past with technology long forgotten.

Mercy is thrust into this scene, into her own personal hell. She lands on the doorstep of a brothel tavern in the town of Crope. The madam of the brothel intends to force Mercy into prostitution once she reaches the legal sexual age of seventeen. She has promised Mercy's virginity to a brute and callous thief named Clem. Mercy prays desperately to meet a Gypsy (wandering folk who may have magic Sage-like powers) who will take her through a black hole and home.

Enter Tom Stranger...a shadowy man who is more than he appears to be...a man caught up in prophesies...


  1. Fascinating idea for NaNo. I haven't even started thinking about NaNo. May skip it this year since I've been so ill.

  2. Wow, absolutely adore the new look! It's much more reader friendly and it's cool, heh.

    Cheers for NaNo! :)

  3. Vandamir;

    I'm sorry you've been so sick, hon. I hope you get to feeling better and can do NaNo with me. Be nice to have some more buddies! Take care, dear. :)

  4. Mari;

    Thanks! I've been thinking about going to Word Press and that will happen but for now, kick up the design some. Thanks for the follow! Hope you do join me in NaNo this year! It would be a blast!

  5. Sounds like a great idea for a Nano story. Lots of room to expand on.

  6. Alan;

    Thanks for the comment. I have another subplot for this that will expand it further. I envision a sequel, or two. The character who becomes the focus of the second & third novel only gets intro'ed halfway through. Mercy is mostly the main character in this one, and she is to remain a pivotal character throughout the series, as I have it mapped out in my head.

    I am going to enjoy writing it, I think.

  7. Nice concept. It's really good that you have subplots and sequels already mapped out in your head, as it shows there is enough substance to really flesh this out nicely. It's so much easier to reach a goal when you actually know what that goal is. Good luck.

    I'm still undecided on NaNo. I need to finish last year's effort first.

  8. Jon;

    One of my problems with writing a novel has always been that I tend to stick things on the back burner for awhile. This may work for short stories (my recent #fridayflash sat unfinished for two months). It's a little more difficult with novels. I have an unfinished novel on my hard drive right now. I started it way last year. I hope the NaNo experience will help me keep momentum even when I am not feeling it, so I'm trying to plan as much of it out as possible now. Before I get to chapter 6 or 7 and think, "Oh, crap...what now?"

    I'm glad you think this has a chance. I am in love with the story. It is based on a short story of mine (yup...unfinished) about a dragon who becomes a shepherd. I really need to get that one finished.

    Thanks for the comment! :)