Monday, August 30, 2010

What do you think about PTK?

Just yesterday I opened a letter from the new president at St. Petersburg College, Mr. William Law, or as some refer to him “Mr. Bow-Tie Guy.” The letter was to inform me that I’ve been invited to join the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, an academic organization. I am stunned by this news, as I consider myself no scholar and have had to work extremely hard to maintain my grades. Included was another letter from the advisor of the campus chapter—Eta Nu. Yes, the name on the letters and envelope is mine, so it must be real! 
They are having two information sessions for new invitees on September 20th, and I’m sure I’ll attend one of them. Some friends are encouraging me to accept the invitation, and I don’t see how I can refuse it. The benefits include scholarship chances, help getting into graduate school and letters of recommendation for schools and potential employers. And that’s only a few of the perks. 

I have to say I'm stunned by this. My self-esteem has not been very high lately, so I keep wondering if this is some kind of mistake. I'm afraid of what it may signify, and trying to process that fear. Am I more afraid of success? Or failure? 

I'm at a loss on how to approach this. 
I would appreciate it very much if any of my friends who’ve had experience with PTK, please leave a comment on about what you thought of it. Also, if you were in PTK, what is expected? What do I need to do for this invitee meeting? 

Thanks, friends. Your opinions mean a lot to me. 


  1. I have no experience with them. Google searches for PTK-related articles suggest it's a totally legit honor society. Especially if it costs nothing to join or go to these events, why not do it?

  2. Thanks, John, for the opinion and Google. I'm going to do that, too. Maybe I can get an idea of what goes on at these introductory meetings. :) I'm such a noob on things like this, having no experience with it. Thanks again!