Works in Progress

"Slinky," short story. Horror.

"A Flood of Alchemy," short story. Fantasy.

"A History of Dust and Shadows," short story, possibly a flash. Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

"Nightjar," a short story. Fantasy w/Sci-Fi elements.

"Puff," short story concept. Dark Fantasy.

"Me Plus One (Me Minus One)," a short story concept. Science Fiction.

"Eros and Mathilda," short story concept. Science Fiction.

"The Mages of Morrow," my NaNoWrimo fantasy novel is in the Planning and Development stages. I'm taking notes and doing chapter outlines. Click here for a synopsis.

"Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dragon," working on finishing this fantasy short story that is the inspiration for my NaNoWriMo novel.