Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Poem Published!

Yesterday, I visited the website of the e-zine "Soft Whispers" which gave me the bragging rights for my first ever published piece last week. See "painting the sky."

They had posted a picture of a golden wedding band suspended from a golden neck chain. Jim Wisneski, founder and editor of the e-zine, issued a challenge. Post a comment on the picture, a few words, a poem, anything.

I wrote an eight-line bit of free-form verse on the spot. The picture (you can view it here) reminded me of when my husband Shawn passed away and how I wore his wedding band around my neck on a chain for the first few years afterwards. And how I eventually took it (and my own wedding ring) off, as I began to heal and look forward to the future and possibly finding another mate. Still looking. Every so often it feels like the ring is still on my finger (although it has been years since I've worn it). I think that feeling must be akin to when someone loses a limb and can still feel it's presence. A ghost-like bond of the soul.

I can still feel the bond that held us tightly together, even though it was broken a long time ago. It made me feel that even if I find a new mate, Shawn will still be a part of me. Forever. Love never dies.

I will post the poem here in a little while.

You can also read it here, along with another poem submitted by a fellow poet (Cynthia Schuerr) about the same picture. I think Cynthia's poem rocks. She is a really great, great poet. All of the poets on that site give this verse dabbler incredible inspiration.

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