Friday, January 29, 2010

Full Moon with a Halo and Dreaming of a Macbook

I wanted to get a post on this blog tonight before I go to bed.

Went to Walmart with my friend Carl earlier and we happened to notice how big and bright the moon was. It also had a large halo surrounding it. I'd always heard that a halo around the moon meant rain, so I checked my Weather Widget (at the bottom of this blog page) when I got home and sure enough it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Interesting. Maybe there is something to that old myth.

Speaking of moon myths, my sister-in-law Rose commented on Facebook that this particular moon (first one of the new year) is called a "Wolf Moon" in Native American culture. Thus the wolf/moon graphic.

I went to Walmart to purchase the new H & R Block tax software, so I can hurry up and file my taxes. Then, I can submit the FAFSA for the 2010/2011 school year. They say the sooner you get it done, the better your chances of getting the grant. I hope to do this tomorrow morning, in between loads of laundry.

I saved a shopping cart on the Apple Store website. I hope I'm able to put the purchase through. It really all hangs on what kind of part time work I can find and how soon. Unemployment is not going to cut it for long with me. I have far too many bills.

I really do need a new Mac for school and it so happens that the education discount on the Macbook is a better deal than any other Mac and makes it cheaper than some PC's. I've wanted a Macbook for so very long, and this may be my best shot to get it.

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