Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reinventing the Wheel...Again

In my last post I lamented that I did not take any time during the holidays to do much writing or even any research on my various projects.

Be careful what you groan about.

I joined the ranks of the unemployed yesterday.  I was laid off from my job after working there for nearly six years.

As you might imagine, I am not too pleased by this sudden increase in free time, particularly since I have not hit the lottery yet. I hold no grudges, of course, these things happen to everyone. I am always grateful for any opportunity to learn something. I learned more about two of my favorite sciences, the sciences of the mind (psychology and psychiatry) that will no doubt be a great benefit to my writing and I made some friendships and acquaintances that I hope will stand the test of time.

This is going to be a very scary time for me. Going "on the dole" is hard, but I've been there before and I'll be joining the hundreds of thousands of others who are already there. I wish I could say that I find a little comfort in that. But, I am becoming increasingly aware that this could be an opportunity for me to reinvent myself again. Perhaps I could go to school and take classes in something I really like, maybe creative writing? I've also thought of the skills I have amassed over the years and I've wondered if teaching others (adult education?) might be a rewarding experience, mentally, spiritually and (most importantly) financially. I have tentatively looked into freelance writing. Maybe I can do that while I wait for something more permanent to come along.

Another thing I will be doing is incorporating the Adsense feature on my blogs. I will make a few cents with every click of someone's mouse and over time it will add up. It will be a nice $20 addition to the bank account every six months or so, maybe. I didn't really want to put ads on my blogs, but I need to rid myself of this dislike and look at the fiscal side of things.

I am scared, but I'm also aware that God has a plan for me and that as of right now the plan has changed. Here is a trial, He says. It will make you a stronger and better person. I must have faith.

I went to Walmart after I left work yesterday. I was in a daze, in shock from the news. There is a church on one of the streets I drive down that has a marquee in front. The sign said, "Be confident in chaos." I believe that was God sending me a message to hang in there: The world will always let you down, but I never will. Trust in Me. Everything will be all right.  

On the plus side, I have some time to write.

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