Monday, January 11, 2010

Submitted First Piece of Work for 2010

I managed to keep one of my New Years Resolutions and I was able to do it within two weeks of the start of 2010.

One of my goals was to start submitting my writing for publishing consideration. It's one of the major reasons I signed up with Duotrope's Digest. They have amazing tools for keeping track of the work you have submitted. And they have an amazing search engine of publishing markets. Plus, it is FREE! No monthly subscription fees. They do solicit for donations, though. They have to have money to do this and I'm going to chuck them some greenbacks as soon as I can. I highly recommend this website.

They send a weekly email newsletter about which markets have closed and which are new. I started poking around and found a e-zine that just re-opened its doors for business that looked very interesting. They want both poetry and short stories. They are a non-paying market, but the idea right now is just to break into print. Then I can begin to build a writing "resume."

Yesterday I submitted a poem to them called "painting the sky."

They also have a monthly short story contest where they post a picture and the writers job is to write a 1000 word story based on the photo. I downloaded this months picture and finished writing the story yesterday, although I'm still tweaking it. I hope to submit it later this week, as the deadline on it is the 25th. My story is called "The Archangel of Downward Spiral."

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