Monday, January 18, 2010

Taking a Test in the Morning

I'll be up bright and early tomorrow morning, consuming as much coffee as possible, before jaunting off to St. Petersburg College to take the Computerized Placement Test as part of the entrance to the A.A. degree transfer program.

Am I worried?

A little. I haven't taken a test of any kind in many years. I'm confident that I should do fairly well on the Reading and Sentence Comprehension part of the test. If not, I've got no business calling myself a writer and I will come home and mortify myself with a coat-hanger while channeling the spirit of Joan Crawford!

For the math and algebra part of the test I'm not going to do so well. I haven't needed to use much more than simple computation skills since I left high school. And three days was not much time to prepare for this. I have, therefore, resigned myself to having to take a preparatory course in mathematics before I can move on to the harder college level stuff. Oh joy, oh joy! :-<

But, the whole point of these placement tests is, I am told, to see what areas you need to review so that you have the best advantage possible when you begin attending classes and start to do butt-aching homework.

So, whatever the outcome, I am focused and determined to succeed.

Goodnight, everyone. Keep me in your prayers or if you don't pray, at least think well-wishing thoughts for me as I undertake this grand adventure.

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