Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Trick to Living Life as Usual Even When it's Not

There is a trick to all of this, waking up every day and attempting to carry on carrying on. Right now, I'm trying to figure out just what that magical trick might be.

Recently deceased job. Puttering about trying to determine "what next?" Considering how to edit the resumé. Tentative web searches of job engine sites like Monster, Career Builder and such. Nothing much out there.

I'm seeing lots of ads that say "Obama Wants You To Get A Degree." Good. I hope he can help me pay for my rent and my car while he's at it. I'd like nothing more than to use this time to retrain myself. Maybe as an English teacher who teaches the language to new Americans. Something that would allow me to stretch my wings and be more of a social advocate. Maybe as a Technical Writer who collaborates on projects involving training materials. I did not realize this until I researched the job description, but I have already done technical writing in the past. I helped collaborate and did the writing for a training manual of the software at the answering service I worked for many, many years ago. That was my first computer job and my very first writing assignment, now that I think on it. Too bad I did not save any copies of that. I get zero points for the naiveté of my youth.

Today, I'm carrying on. Have to go make a car payment. Don't feel much like flirting with the loan associate (the mild mannered guy who has sung "I Just Met a Girl Named Maria" to me in the past). Perhaps, I'll bat an eyelash or two at him, though. I'm not dead, just unemployed. 8-)

I need to go get a little gas in the car. Then, I've decided to go to Office Depot and invest in wrist rests for both the keyboard and mouse. I anticipate doing a lot of typing in the future, while working on both my resumé and filling out forms for unemployment and FAFSA. I have decided to try and get a PEL grant. I may finally have to take those God awful entrance exams somewhere, Geez, oh well. If I can manage to have Uncle Sam help me to jump start a new career, I will do whatever it takes to get it done. I didn't know until now but the folks that have those English degrees have a diverse range of job opportunities, from Marketing and Communication Consultants to Public Relations. Very interesting, that.

Many years ago, I wanted to go to school for Journalism. A tragic circumstance in my life prevented that from happening.  Now....

Now I consider with mind opened wide, "what next?"

And learn to carry on carrying on.

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