Tuesday, January 19, 2010

When God Closes a Door...He Opens a Window!

It's more than just a worn-out cliché. It's true.

Today I went to take the placement test at St. Petersburg College as part of my dream of returning to school to seek my Bachelors Degree in English.

I needed to take the placement test in order to get enrolled in some classes toward AA degree for transfer to a higher institution since SPC is rather limited in its choices of Bachelor degrees.

All this after being laid off from my job two weeks ago.

I am not one to waste time when I get an idea.

I thought I would do badly on the math and algebra portions of the test, and I was not wrong. I have to take three (YIKES) remedial algebra classes before I can even begin to take the two required college mathematics courses for the AA. Having not done any serious algebra work in over twenty years, the results of the math tests did not surprise me. Somehow I will find the strength I need to get through all these blasted math classes. If I've had a hard time trying to pray lately (and I have!) then maybe it's time to start trying harder.

There was a silver lining, however.

I scored high enough on the reading and sentence skills portions of the test to be eligible to take Honors Composition.

This has led me to believe that God gave me this writing talent for a reason and it would simply be a waste of His precious love for me and a waste on my own part, not to pursue this.

So, I'm jumping through this window. Head first...feet first. Doesn't matter. As long as I land where I'm supposed to be.

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